We are always asked where we get our treasures. Well, there are a number of sources but a good one is Estate Sale shopping.
We are fortunate in Savannah to have a fantastic company called "The Mint Green Tag Sale Company" .
They are extremely professional and courteous and have a large fan base. You can sign up online for an update email and the current and archived sales have great pictures.
Tips for Estate Sale shopping:
I always check out the photos of the current sales and make a list as there are so many treasures to be had and one can easily distracted from why you were going.
I make a list on my phone with a room by room and what is “must have”, desirable or just worth a look. I set a price limit to the whole sale or item by item so that I don’t go crazy.
(It’s easy to get carried away).

Check the backboards of cabinets for damp or splits and use the flashlight on your phone or carry a mini torch for highlighting dark corners.
As all sale items are “as is” its worthwhile shopping with a friend who can check for cracks and chips on glass and china to help with decision making.
Don’t write off artwork because of the subject as sometimes the frames are lovely and can be used in your own project.
I usually take a soft expandable shopping bag inside my purse if I am looking for kitchen items as I will collect these as I go round.
I can then take them to the check out and I’ll buy linens to cradle china and glass as its better than risking chips and they are usually the least expensive items at a sale.
If you plan to join the line with the earlybirds, remember to take a drink and bug spray, or in our summer mornings, sunblock is essential as it can be up to an hour to get in.
It is always worth shopping at the closing hours of the sale as prices are dramatically reduced. Happy hunting! I hope that you found this useful.

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